How long can one survive without food?



Jude Ignatius (JI)

from Coimbatore

How long can one survive without food?
You might have seen people going on a hunger strike. People who are fasting honestly have to be taken to the hospital within 3 or 4 days time, and they will have to break the fast by taking lemon juice. Man cant live without food continuously for many days. That is why some proclaim ‘Fast Unto Death’. However some animals can live for a longer time without taking any food.

The spider tarantula can survive for two and a half years without food. A female bedbug which had been kept by scientists without food lived for 565 days. Pythons, having once fed well, can live without eating for about a year.

Most human beings experience considerable discomfort after an abstinence of food for even 12 hours. The longest period for which anyone has survived without food is 382 days. The longest time in which a person has survived without food and water is 18 days.

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