Gear up for Formula 1 race!🏁🏎🏎


Sports News by Sai Sarvesh



All F1 drivers are preparing for Bahrain grand prix 🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭.

As the race is on 5th March 2023 all drivers have started to practice on the tracks.

There are 20 racers on F1.

Each driver can practice on the track one at a time 

As each driver can drive upto 1 hour in one day 10 drivers can practice on the track .

During the practise on 1st March 2023 the team Alpine had a fault in their car and claimed that they were trying to figure the problem.

This was said by the team manager and the team engineer.

Team Mercedes had a very good improvement than the 2022 session.

Let's wait and watch for the results of Bahrain grand prix.

(Image credits: F1)



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