Galileo Galilei


By Jude Ignatius (JI)
From Coimbatore

Galileo Galilei popularly called Galileo, was born on 15th February 1564 in the Italian city of Pisa. He was also called the Father of Mordern Science.

He was the eldest son of Vincenzo Galilei. Vicenzo Galilei is a musician in Italy.
When Galileo was 10 years old, him and his family moved to Florence. They lived at the Camalodelse monastery, from there he began his education. For some time, while he was growing up, Galileo was mixed up whether to be a Doctor or a Priest.
His father wanted him to be a Doctor, So Galileo complied.
In 1581, 17 year old Galileo went to the University of Pisa. But he soon realized he was more intrested in Maths and Physics.

4 Years later... Galileo left the University and got a job as a teacher. He began to experiment with pendulums, levers and balls.

In 1586, Galileo wrote about hydrostatic balance, a device to measure the weight of things perfectly. He wrote many other topics in science which gave him fame.

In 1604, Galileo supported an astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus who said that the Sun is at the centre and all the planets revolve around it.
At that time it was believed that the Earth was at the centre. 

In 1609, Galileo created a telescope that he is most famous for. He had improved on the design of a telescope that was made in Holland. With Galileo's powerful telescope, Galileo could make objects appear very, very large and could view planets.

In 1638, he became blind. Galileo died on 8 January 1642.

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